AD-1480 Pediatric Hospital Bed WITH FOUR MOTOR


The back, foot and height adjustment of the Pediatric Child Bed perform +/- trendelenburg movements with four motors.
Pediatric Child Bed can perform all its functions with hand control.
The double-sided ratcheting device on the foot of the Pediatric Cots can take the vascular position manually.
Pediatric Children’s Bed is made of four perforated sheet material on the lying surface, there is a lying surface.
Pediatric Children’s Bed is a wooden material mounted inside the pipe, which is made of chrome nickel material, with the head and foot panels of which can be easily removed.
The Pediatric Child Bed has two upward and downward moving sides to ensure child safety.
The biases are lined up in line with the in-line pipes so that the nurse can observe the patient.
By pulling the two buttons under the illness, it slowly descends by means of the shock absorbers inside. It is locked automatically when lifted up.
The Pediatric Cots have 4 wheels of 125 mm diameter, two with brakes and two without brakes.
There are protection bumpers on all four corners of the Pediatric Bed.
It operates with 240 V, 50-60 HZ, 24 V electrical energy.
It has been painted with electrostatic powder paint.

Height adjustable chrome nickel serum hanger
Drain hanger on both sides of the bed
Hand control

Lengthening 20 cm
125 mm diameter center and direction lock wheel
Tilt Surface Compact Laminate